found this baby frog yesterday at a creek!!! there were actually a lot of them maybe 5-10! i put a quarter beside one :+)


PEACHES AS A 6 WEEK OLD KITTEN :+) by Daniel Alexander

                Peaches is Daniel Alexander’s world famous cat. The cat initially shunned the spotlight trying to bring attention to Daniel Alexander’s insatiable snacking. Eventually the snack thing wore out after Daniel Alexander snacked on everything that could be snacked on and a few things that could not. Yes Daniel Alexander’s snacking history is well-documented online cached for the world to see. Long ago Daniel Alexander shampooed his hair with a pudding snack pack because why not, it is the internet and anything goes. Since then Daniel Alexander’s online presence has matured somewhat moving onto the joys of Peaches the Cat. 

                A Spaghetti Best Western soundtrack plays complete with Continental Breakfast. Peaches looks out from the various bed items. Beds have a lot of items and this is a must. Good beds fill themselves with stuff hoping to be noticed for their extreme levels of decadence. Obviously Peaches is aware of the life of luxury. Stumbling across the bed Peaches takes a lot of time trying to get out of bed. This is typical for a cat: to simply enjoy the finer fabrics in life. Cats take a long time to get up anyway. Few cats stay up past their bedtime. Every time is potentially a bedtime for a cat, what do they have to wake up for anyway? They are cats their lives are made for them and their defecation picked up with great vigor by large creatures who coddle them. 

                The camera captures a young Peaches. Looking at the camera Peaches is already able to tell how popular they will become one day. Peaches is clearly intelligent and well aware of its cuteness showing off for the camera. Everything on the camera is downright adorable and upright upstanding citizens salute the cherished prized possession that is a pussy cat. From the bed Peaches moves onto one of those hallmarks of suburban decadence: the cordless land-line the thing that parents purchase in order to feel hip. 

                With the phone Peaches plays around. Clearly Peaches is trying to phone a friend. Unfortunately Peaches is only six weeks old and is unable to use a land-line just yet. Cats typically start using phones after six months on Earth getting it down right. Most cats prefer Apple Products because like people, cats generally enjoy the easy-to-use interface and the free U2 album that comes with it. With its little paws Peaches learns what the numbers means and learns what it means to communicate with electronic devices, a skill that serves everyone.